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Morpho aega


Kingdom Animalia
Phylum Arthropoda
Class Insecta
Order Lepidoptera
Family Nymphalidae
Genus Morpho
Species aega

Cuticular structures

Scales Yes
Setae No
Other No
Diffraction grating Yes
Multilayer reflector No
3D Photonic crystals No
Other No

Image Set 1

Date added 1 Dec 2016
Submitter V.L. Wong
Institution VTEC
Organism Sex Male
SCAN Entry link

Camera Settings

Camera model Canon EOS 6D
Flash temperature 6000K
Additional -

Habitus View
TIF file (59.9 MB TIF)
Raw file (22.9 MB CR2)

Color patch 1

Color patch location Color patch closeup
TIF file (n/a) TIF file (59.9 MB TIF)
Raw file (n/a) Raw file (23.7 MB CR2)

SEM Low-Magnification SEM High-Magnification structure 1
TIF file (31 MB TIF)
Morpho aega has two distinct scale structures
TIF file (31 MB TIF)
d ≈ 1.4 μm

SEM High-Magnification structure 2
TIF file (31 MB TIF)

Spectral data (6mm, 0°, 0°)* Photograph (~4cm, 0°, 0°)*
Raw data (55 KB TXT) TIF file (59.9 MB TIF)
Raw file (25.9 MB CR2)

Spectral data (6mm, 90°, 45°)* Photograph (~4cm, 90°, 45°)*
Raw data (55 KB TXT) TIF file (59.9 MB TIF)
Raw file (25.9 MB CR2)

Spectral data (6mm, 180°, 45°)* Photograph (~4cm, 180°, 45°)*
Raw data (53 KB TXT) TIF file (59.9 MB TIF)
Raw file (21.1 MB CR2)


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